Guide for the project 2016_I

Dear students,

Welcome to this blog. Here you have a guide for your project of this term. If you have any doubts ask your teacher in class, so he/she can guide you.

Do not forget to write only in English, the language you are learning.

We hope to see your links below. Send it to your teacher’s e-mail as soon as it is being opened.

Have a nice day! Do not forget to study every single day.

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Your teacher: Janeth López

Below you will find some examples. Be creative when you work on your blog. This is good timing to remind you of your responsibilities along the semester. Please, do your different tasks on time.

Your involvement will be appreciated. 

Look at the models of these power point presentations:

1.  Kedin Josue Espinoza Villodas:
2.  Soto Leon, Vladimir Franz:

1.   Aguirre Reynoso, Jhon Isaias:

Guide for the project

This term your speech will be about interesting topics from newspapers, magazines and the internet. Choose a topic that you like best from your book. You can find more in internet, magazines, or books. If they are from internet it should be a good idea to research some PDFs (in other words what we call papers).


Week 1: Choose a topic from your book (units 1- 12, lesson Ds)  that you would like to know more about. Open your own blog and work on its presentation. Get more information from internet and post it in your blog. This will be like a portafolio for your final speech. Also, download videos related to the topic research as many as it is possible in order to improve your listening and be in contact with real English.

Week 2: Do the same as week 1

Week 3The most important task for this week is to send your link to the teacher with some information related to your topic research.

During week 4Try to read and listen all the information again and again in order to understand the topic and watch the videos many times as it is possible for internalizing vocabulary, expressions, and pronunciation. It will help you to improve your listening comprehension.

During weeks 5, 6 and 7Do the same as week 2, 3 and 4. 

During weeks 8,9 and10Transform all your data into a power point presentation. Use graphic organizers and many pictures as it is possible related to the topic. The best way to share this presentation is using AuthorStream.  Upload your PPTs in that space, and then share it in your blog. 

During weeks 11, 12 and 13Your teacher will check your blog to see if it is ready for your oral presentation. If something is not OK, he/she will let you know in class during this week. 

Week 14 will be the day of your oral presentationIt is time for demonstrating your learning.  No apologies are accepted unless something serious could have happened. 

(Based on Competency based program)


Speaker’s name __________________________    Evaluator:______________________


20-19 (points)

Investigates and collects information
Collects a significant amount of information for reading and listening (it is entirely related to the topic)
Collects some basic information (most of it is related to the topic
Collects very little information
(some is related to the topic)
Does not collect any information related to the topic

2 points
1.5 points
1 points
0.5 points
Topic is specific, follows assignment
Adapted to audience
Topic is specific,
appropriate and
Topic is clear appropriate and
somewhat adapted
Topic lacks clarity
and focus
needs adapting to
No specific purpose--inappropriate for
audience or

1 points
1.5 points
1 points
0.5 points
1.Gets attention  
2.Clearly identifies topic
3.Establishes credibility 
4.Previews the main points
Meets any three of the four criteria.
Meets any two of the four criteria.
Meets only one of the four criteria.

1 point
0.75 points
0.50 point
0.25 points
Main points are clear,
well supported, and
sources are documented
Main points are
somewhat clear,
some support, and
some documentation
Main points
need clarity
and support
lack of
sources and documentation
Main points
are not clear
and have no support
and no sources or documentation

3 points
2.25 points
1.5 points
0.75 points
1.   Reviews main points
2.   Brings closure
3.   Memorable
Reviews main points , brings
Brings closure
Does not bring closure; the audience is left hanging

1 points
0.75 points
0.50 points
0.25 points
Use of language:
Accuracy and fluency
Use of language contributes to effectiveness of the speech, and vocalized pauses
(um uh er etc.)
 not distracting
Use of language does not have negative impact, and vocalized pauses
(um uh er etc.)
not distracting
Use of language causes potential confusion, and/or vocalized pauses
(um uh er etc.)
are distracting
Use of language is inappropriate

4 points
3 points
2 points
1 point
Speaks clearly and distinctly all the time with no mispronounced words
Speaks clearly and distinctly nearly all the time with no more than one mispronounced word
Speaks clearly and distinctly most of the time with  no more than two mispronounced words
Often mumbles or cannot be understood with more than three mispronounced words

4 points
2 points
1 point
0.50 points
Body language

Body language, gestures, and facial expressions (eye contact adds greatly to the message. time (except for brief glances at notes)
Body language,
gestures, and facial
expressions  compliment message
Body language,
facial expressions  and gestures
lack variety and spontaneity
Body language, gestures, and
facial expressions are lacking or inappropriate
2 points
1.5 points
1 point
0.50 points
(Visual Aids) Graphic organizers and pictures.
Visual aids (pictures related to the topic) and graphic organizers well chosen and presented.
Minor problems with visual aids and graphic organizers.
problems with visual aids and graphic organizers.
No visual aids or graphic organizers

2 points
1.5 points
1 point
0.50 points

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